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Here is the Suggested numbers of First Aid personnel to be available at ALL times people are at work 


From your risk assessment,
what degree of hazard is associated
with your work activities 
How many Employees
do you have? 
What First Aid personnel do you need? 
Low Hazard, eg Offices, Shops,

Fewer than 25

At Least one appointed person

25 -50

At Least one First Aider trained in EFAW


 More than 50

At least one first aider trained in FAW for
every 100 employed (or part thereof) 
Higher Hazard eg Light engineering
and assembly work, Food processing, Warehousing,
Extensive work with dangerous machinery or
Construction, Chemical Manufacture 
Sharp instruments,
Fewer Than 5
At least one appointed First Aider
5 - 50
At least one First Aider trained in
EFAW or FAW depending on the type
of injuries that might occur
More than 50
At least one First Aider trained in
FAW for every 50 Employed (or part thereof)


EFAW = Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day Course)

FAW = First Aid at Work (3 Day Course)


As of October 1st 2014 Schools are Now able to hold a stock of Salbutamol inhalers for Emergencies

Approximately 20 Children of school age in England & Wales die every year from Asthma & most deaths occur before the child reaches hospital. 


Common Symptoms for Stroke

The first signs of someone has had a stroke are very sudden

Numbness, Weakness or Paralysis - on one side of the body (signs of this may be dropping, Leg or lower eyelid or dribbling of the mouth.

Slurred Speech - or difficulty finding words or understanding speech

Loss of Sight - Sudden Burred vision

Confusion - or unsteadiness

a Severe Headache


Face - Can the person smile? has their mouth or an Eye drooped

Arms - Can the person raise both arms

Speach - Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? 

Time - to call 999 / 112 


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