border bus

How it works

Step 1: Register your child's details

Step 2: Your child will be issued with a Smart Pass
           (Passes will be distributed during August)

Step 3: Pre-load pass with funds (via this website)

Step 4: EVERY journey, child puts Smart Pass on ticket machine

Step 5: Relevant fare deducted from Smart Pass

Passes will be distributed during August.

Terms and Conditions of use

a) Only one pass per student can be applied for

b) Lost or damaged passes will be replaced at a cost of £5 per occasion

c) The pass can only be used for payment for transport to/from Sir John Leman School

d) The pass must be presented for each and every journey, failure to produce the pass will result in the driver charging the higher daily cash price

e) Should a passenger not be able to produce a valid pass or cash payment, they will be refused travel

f) Passes will only be issued to current students at Sir John Leman High School.

g) Details held by BorderBus Ltd will only be shared with Sir John Leman High School.

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